Enhance Patient Care with Customized IV Hoodys for your Clinic!

Standard Design

Partial Customization

Full Customization

Embrace the ultimate bespoke experience with HEAL Fashion's Full Customization service, where your vision for patient comfort and style takes center stage. This option invites you to design your own IV Hoody, perfectly tailored to your organization's ethos and your patients' needs. With a lead time that includes design and sampling plus 90-180 days, and a minimum order of 500 Hoodys, you can work directly with our team to craft a jacket that is uniquely yours. From customizable patterns and silhouettes to fabric choices, colors, styles, and even the finer details like lining prints, logo placements, zipper pulls, and packaging – every aspect is yours to define. Leverage our patent to create a look and feel that resonates with your organization's identity and enhances the patient experience like never before

Your own IV Hoody Design

✶Lead time: Design & Sampling time + 90-180 days

✶MOQ: 500 Hoodys

✶Work directly with our team to create a jacket perfect for your organization and your patients;

⤷ Customizable Pattern/Silhouette, Fabric & Thickness, Color, Style, Lining Print, Logo Placement, Zipper Pulls, & Customized Packaging

Use our patent to facilitate your own look and feel.

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