Our Story

It was the middle of summer and yet I was shivering!

I had been sick – extremely sick from Lyme Disease and mold poisoning. My doctors were treating me with intravenous medicine. Twice a week I would go to the clinic and drip for 2-3 hours.

Everyone at the clinic just accepted the fact that you will be cold while getting treatments or would have to deal with carrying blankets and heating pads when you were already weak and struggling – this baffled me!

As I sat for hours shivering and counting down the minutes to when I could get outside for the sun to warm me, I dreamed up a better solution to this simple problem — IV Hoody.

What if you could wear a jacket during treatment, but the arms opened up completely and zipped around the tubes?
What if you could add a heater to the spots that were extra cold?
What if that was all you needed and you did not have to lug in extra blankets and bulky heating pads?
What if it was just that simple?

So I got to work, drawing my design and asking for help from friends on how I could turn this into a reality. I talked to my long time friend Mayka Choma, a talented seamstress, and asked if she could make me a hoody like my design. She jumped right in and created our first prototype.

I used the prototype in my treatment and did not shiver. Working together we found ways to make it even better. After 9 prototypes, we had our ideal IV Hoody. Other patients in the clinic noticed the hoody and asked if they could buy one. We knew we were on to something!

When we designed the hoody’s we thought deeply about who would wear them and what they would be going through. We wanted to bring some extra joy to our customers with our hoody. So we have added colorful and playful linings to the arms. The outside of the hoody is simple and does not stand out, but unzip the arms and you are met with a burst of happiness and joy.

Starting March 2022, for the first time ever IV Hoody is available to the  public –  Drip in Warmth and Comfort.

Made with Lots of Love and Healing Wishes,

Cassandra Gray

Cassandra Gray

Chief Executive Officer


Mayka Choma

Mayka Choma

Director of Product


  • Shivering while sitting on IV?
    There has to be a better way!
    First IV Hoody sketch made.

  • First prototype created.
    Wow...this is so much better!
    But now...I need heaters to level up this design!

  • Heater version is great!
    8 more prototypes to get every detail right.
    Let's make this for everyone!

  • Company formed & patent filed.
    Finding a factory is hard!
    Time to develop our brand.

  • Success! We found our factory.
    First Samples received.
    10 pages of notes back to factory.

  • Ivy - our brand icon is born!
    Website and social media launched.
    Time to share IV Hoody with the world!

  • Develop unique lining patterns
    Place first production order
    Receive first Wholesale Order

  • Receive Product
    Launch Party
    Start Selling