Working during infusions with IV Hoody

Warmth & Productivity

Navigating the challenging world of medical treatments like chemotherapy, dialysis, or hydration therapy can be a daunting experience. Ensuring comfort and warmth during these procedures is essential for patients' well-being. That's where the IV Hoody comes in! With its innovative design and convenient features, this patent-pending product promises to brighten your treatment days. 


  1. The Magic of Unzippable Sleeves: The IV Hoody's unique, unzippable sleeves are perfect for patients undergoing intravenous treatments. No need to worry about removing clothing or struggling with IV tubes - just unzip the arm and let the double zippers securely close around the tubes. This clever feature allows you to keep warm without hindering your treatment.

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IV Hoody founder showing off the flames in the arm lining - wearing Embers in Coal IV Hoody.  She is ready to add some heat packs to get warm and cozy for her Ozone treatment.

Why do patients need IV Hoody?

But why do you need an IV Hoody in the first place? Let's break it down:


  1. Medical offices are cold.
  2. Cold fluids drip into a 98-degree body.
  3. Patients going through IV medical treatments get cold faster.
  4. You need your energy to heal!
  5. You want to move around during treatments without fussing with heating pads and blankets!


IV Hoody Solution:

  • Arms zip around IV tubes.
  • Heat packs in the arm lining.
  • Targeted heat to warm the IV fluids.
  • Add a hood and a pop of color.
  • IV Hoody is a jacket that you can wear before, during, and after treatment and don't have to remove a thing!

No need to suffer through treatments, with IV Hoody, you can Drip in Warmth & Comfort!

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Why are medical clinics choosing IV Hoody?

Why are medical clinics choosing IV Hoody?

Patient comfort is one of the key factors that can alter a patient's willingness to comply with treatment recommendations.  We created IV Hoody to help patients feel warm and comfortable while they undergo their infusion treatments.  This patent pending medical jacket helps to overcome the discomfort and help patients feel better while getting better and helps the clinic to save time, increase patient satisfaction, and provides another revenue stream for the clinic.

From the patient to the provider, IV Hoody creates an overflow of benefits to everyone along the way. 

Here are some reasons why medical clinics are choosing IV Hoody:

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IV Hoody Features

Comfort is Important for those that Require an IV - Increase Comfort & Style with the IV Hoody

The IV Hoody is becoming increasingly popular in hospitals and medical settings as they offer a way to keep patients warm while receiving treatments. The IV Hoody is not only comfortable but is a great option for those who feel cold during their treatment.
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