by Justin Market June 10, 2022 2 min read

One of the most important things for those that require an intravenous infusion is comfort. By providing a comfortable environment, patients can more easily tolerate the treatment. For many people, this means temperature control. There are a few ways to achieve warmth and comfort for those receiving intravenous treatments. One way is to use blankets or clothing that are comfortable and warm, but unfortunately cumbersome. Other methods include using heating pads, however for those looking for a fashionable, as well as functional solution – the IV Hoody is an excellent choice!


The IV Hoody is becoming increasingly popular in hospitals and medical settings as they offer a way to keep patients warm while receiving treatments. The IV Hoody is not only comfortable but is a great option for those who feel cold during their treatment.


The IV Hoody is made from high-quality materials that ensure they stand up to wear and tear, and they come in a variety of colors and styles to suit everyone's needs.


Some of the Great Features that the IV Hoody Offers are:


Full Arm Access

    -Zippers to the top of your arm.This allowsfull and easy arm access
    Sleeves open up completely. Zip your arm sleeves like you would a jacket.
    -Coil zippers. Easy to zip up and down - Protection from snags.
    Inside Zipper flap. To keep the zipper from touching your skin.


    Easy IV Placement

      -Two separate zipper-pulls. Close the zipper around the tubes no matter where they are placed on your arm.
      -Zippers close around tubes and wires without removing jacket. Take blood pressure,Place an IV or PICC Line, Take blood, Monitoring devices.


      Heater Pockets

        -Heater Pockets. Add additional warmth anywhere on your arm.
        -Hoody Hotties. Air activated disposable heaters that fit perfectly in your sleeve pockets (Purchased separately)Like having a bit of sunshine in your pocket.
        -Hidden splash of color. To cheer you up on treatment days.


        Discreet Design

          -Nobody needs to know that you are wearing a medical hoody.
          -Designed by a patient undergoing regular treatments
          -Discreet arm zippers
          -No external label that says this is an IV Hoody.You will only see our brand icon "Ivy" on your hip tag.


            Made from soft and comfortable fabric, this hoody will make your treatment experience more pleasant and comfortable. Plus, it comes in a variety of cool and stylish designs perfect for any patient. For those looking for a great gift idea for a friend or family member that undergoes regular IV treatments, the IV Hoody will bring joy and warmth to them. For more information or to purchase an IV Hoody, visit the e-shop at:

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            1. The Magic of Unzippable Sleeves: The IV Hoody's unique, unzippable sleeves are perfect for patients undergoing intravenous treatments. No need to worry about removing clothing or struggling with IV tubes - just unzip the arm and let the double zippers securely close around the tubes. This clever feature allows you to keep warm without hindering your treatment.