by Cassandra Gray May 15, 2023 2 min read

IV Hoody: Unexpectedly Playful & Practical Uses Outside the Clinic

The IV Hoody is a game-changer for patients undergoing infusions, but its versatility extends far beyond the medical clinic. This ingenious invention can save you from some awkward and downright comical situations, from menopause hot flashes to mid-flight wardrobe adjustments. Grab your IV Hoody, and join us as we explore some unconventional, humorous, and compelling uses for this remarkable garment.

The Menopause Hot Flash Hero:

Hot flashes can be a real mood-killer, but the IV Hoody has got your back - or rather, your arms. As your internal thermostat goes haywire, quickly unzip those sleeves and let the cool air rush in. No more fan-waving or ice-pack clutching – just a discreet and instant solution to your temperature troubles.

Conquer Cabin Fever with a Mid-Flight Fashion Statement:

We've all been there – the airplane cabin's temperature fluctuates, and you're stuck in an awkward dance trying to remove your sweater without accidentally assaulting your neighbor. Enter the IV Hoody! With its unzippable sleeves, you can easily regulate your body temperature without the need for a full-on strip-down. Your fellow passengers will thank you, and who knows, you might even start a mid-air fashion trend.

Walking Woes? No Sweat!:

Picture this: you're out for a walk, and as your body warms up, you find yourself sweltering in your hoody. With the IV Hoody, there's no need to stop, strip, and stash your jacket. Simply unzip those sleeves, and keep strutting your stuff, perfectly temperature-controlled and carefree.

When Mother Nature Can't Make Up Her Mind:

Weather can be fickle, and dressing for unpredictable conditions is an art form. The IV Hoody is your secret weapon for tackling those moody weather days. With a quick zip or unzip, you'll be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way – without the need for a personal weather station or a suitcase full of clothing options.


The IV Hoody is so much more than a medical garment; it's a fun and practical solution for everyday life's temperature challenges. With its innovative design and countless uses, it's time to say goodbye to those embarrassing hot flash moments, mid-flight mishaps, and walking wardrobe woes. To learn more about the amazing IV Hoody and join the community of happy (and hilariously satisfied) users, visit our Instagram @ivhoody or check out!

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Lugging around blankets, heating pads, and various other items to stay warm during infusions can be cumbersome and tiring. With the innovative IV Hoody, you can ditch the pack mule mentality and embrace a lighter, more comfortable experience during your medical treatments.  Keep reading to learn how IV Hoody simplifies your life and keeps you cozy throughout your infusions.

All-In-One Warmth Solution:

  1. The IV Hoody is your ultimate all-in-one solution to staying warm during infusions. With unzippable sleeves and pockets for disposable heat packs, it eliminates the need to carry blankets and heating pads. Slip on your IV Hoody and enjoy consistent, targeted warmth without the hassle of extra gear.
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Warmth & Productivity

by Cassandra Gray May 08, 2023 2 min read

Navigating the challenging world of medical treatments like chemotherapy, dialysis, or hydration therapy can be a daunting experience. Ensuring comfort and warmth during these procedures is essential for patients' well-being. That's where the IV Hoody comes in! With its innovative design and convenient features, this patent-pending product promises to brighten your treatment days. 


  1. The Magic of Unzippable Sleeves: The IV Hoody's unique, unzippable sleeves are perfect for patients undergoing intravenous treatments. No need to worry about removing clothing or struggling with IV tubes - just unzip the arm and let the double zippers securely close around the tubes. This clever feature allows you to keep warm without hindering your treatment.

IV Hoody founder showing off the flames in the arm lining - wearing Embers in Coal IV Hoody.  She is ready to add some heat packs to get warm and cozy for her Ozone treatment.
Why do patients need IV Hoody?

by Cassandra Gray April 13, 2023 2 min read

But why do you need an IV Hoody in the first place? Let's break it down:


  1. Medical offices are cold.
  2. Cold fluids drip into a 98-degree body.
  3. Patients going through IV medical treatments get cold faster.
  4. You need your energy to heal!
  5. You want to move around during treatments without fussing with heating pads and blankets!


IV Hoody Solution:

  • Arms zip around IV tubes.
  • Heat packs in the arm lining.
  • Targeted heat to warm the IV fluids.
  • Add a hood and a pop of color.
  • IV Hoody is a jacket that you can wear before, during, and after treatment and don't have to remove a thing!

No need to suffer through treatments, with IV Hoody, you can Drip in Warmth & Comfort!