by Cassandra Gray April 13, 2023 2 min read

IV Hoody: The Perfect Companion for Your Infusion Treatment

If you're undergoing any kind of infusion treatment, the IV Hoody can provide comfort and warmth to help you through it. Whether it's chemotherapy, dialysis, platelet donations, iron infusions, ozone, wellness drips, or antibiotic drips, the IV Hoody is a valuable tool to make your treatment more comfortable. 

It's perfect for anyone who needs to stay warm during infusion treatments while still being able to move around freely. Don't let the cold air conditioning or cold fluids ruin your treatment experience. Invest in an IV Hoody and make your treatment day more comfortable and less stressful.

But why do you need an IV Hoody in the first place? Let's break it down:

1.  Medical offices are cold.

Traditional jackets or sweaters can't close around the tubes of the IV, leaving your arm exposed to the cold air conditioning.

IV Hoody Solution: Arms zip around IV tubes.

The IV Hoody features a unique double zipper design that opens the sleeves completely, giving your medical team easy access while allowing you to stay warm and snug around your IV tubes.

2. Cold fluids drip into a 98-degree body.

When getting an IV treatment, cold fluids are dripped into your body, causing a temperature imbalance that can lead to shivers and discomfort.

IV Hoody Solution: Heat packs in the arm lining.

The colorful arm linings with pockets are designed to hold air-activated disposable heat packs, allowing you to add as many as you need to stay warm and cozy during your treatment

3.  Patients going through IV medical treatments get cold faster.

When battling an illness, your body is already working overtime to heal, making it more susceptible to feeling cold during your treatment.

IV Hoody Solution: Targeted heat to warm the IV fluids.

You can add a heat pack just above the IV to warm the fluid as it drips into your arm, preventing the chills and keeping you comfortable throughout your treatment

4.  You need your energy to heal!

Shivering and feeling cold during your treatment can drain your energy and take away from your body's natural healing process.

IV Hoody Solution: Add a hood and a pop of color.

The IV Hoody is not only functional but also stylish, with a warm hood to help keep in your body heat and a variety of colors to choose from. By staying warm and comfortable, you can protect your energy and allow your body to focus on healing.

At IV Hoody, we understand the challenges that come with battling a chronic illness. That's why we're committed to providing warmth and comfort to those going through difficult health struggles. Order your IV Hoody today and experience the difference for yourself!"


Drip in Warmth & Comfort 

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