by Alexandra Bily July 22, 2022 2 min read

IV Hoody was created to enhance the patient experience and to also help those who care for patients themselves. Patient comfort is one of the key factors that can alter a patient's willingness to comply with treatment recommendations. These are just 5 reasons why medical clinics love implementing IV Hoody. 


1. Patients stay warm without staff assistance

Spend less time running around for blankets and heaters and spend more time building the relationship. Your medical team's time is valuable. Each moment of interaction with a nurse can either make it or break it for a new patient. IV Hoody cuts out the need to tend to these small details and enables more time to be spent on patient care.


2. Heat Packs help with an easier IV insertion

Thanks to the innovative design of every IV Hoody, air activated heat packs can be added into any pocket that lines the inside of the sleeves. For easier IV insertion, heat packs can be placed in a pocket above the vein access point allowing for the warmth to dilate the veins. Good strong veins make for easier IV insertions and medical staff spend less time poking and more time dripping. 


3. Easy arm access without removing clothes

Removing clothes, rolling up sleeves, or helping elderly patients prepare their arm for infusion can take a lot of time. IV Hoody eliminates the need for any clothing to be removed. Simply unzip the arms, start the infusion, zip up and around the tubes/wires, and relax. Fast and simple. 


4. Increases adherence to treatment recommendations

When patients feel like their comfort and personal needs are being thought of, they are more likely to respect and follow the recommendations of your medical staff. Patient adherence is important for proper care – through access to warmth and comfortability patients will be more likely to follow treatment recommendations. 


5. Comfortable patients are happier, give better reviews, and refer friends

It’s a no brainer. In order for a medical clinic’s business to grow they need to make sure that their patients are happy. IV Hoody lets the patient feel comfortable and cared for. This positive experience leads to more initiative to write positive reviews and refer to their friends and family members.

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