by Alexandra Bily July 11, 2022 3 min read

Your dear friend or family member just shared with you that they’ve been diagnosed with cancer or a chronic illness – what can you do to help? Well, how about a care package?

It’s difficult seeing a loved one go through challenging times, especially when you feel like there isn’t much that you can do to help. Creating a personalized care package shows that you deeply care about the other person and understand the challenging situations that lay ahead. 

Ways to give your cancer care package


• Give them an all-in-one basket full with goodies that they can open up right then and there

• Label items “chemo-days” for items specifically chosen to help during their treatment days

• Send them regular items for “open when you’ve had a bad day” these items can comfort anyone with cancer, even members of their family


Cancer care package ideas


Whether it’s breast cancer, or colon cancer, or any other cancer these cancer care package ideas are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. 


IV Hoody:  Gifting an IV Hoody shows that you understand the importance of comfort as a component of healing. During chemotherapy treatments, the patient may become weakened and extremely sensitive to colder environments. IV Hoody allows full arm access for any infusion treatment with the option to increase the heat by adding air activated heat packs to the arm lining.  This unique product allows your loved one to feel warm and comfortable during their cancer treatment sessions, while remaining stylish.


Eye masks:  An eye mask is a useful gift idea because it definitely comes in handy when the occasional nap is needed. Eye masks offer a chance to catch some much needed rest especially when environmental conditions make it harder to fall asleep.


Give a low-maintenance plant:  Gifting a plant can bring so many positive benefits to your loved one. Low-maintenance plants bring life and beauty into a room, they provide purified air, and also act as an object of positive focus when days get harder. For a low-maintenance plant we’d recommend an orchid or a snake plant.


Metal waterbottle Metal water bottles are a great gift idea to include in a cancer care package. The metal water bottle is a great reminder for your cancer patient to always remain hydrated, especially while the fighting is recovering and healing from treatments. Metal water bottles are a healthier and more environmentally friendly option than plastic water bottles. Another bonus idea is placing a few fun stickers that your loved one enjoys and adding them to their new water bottle. This creates a unique experience with their water bottle.


Healthy snack packs:  Depending on what sort of dietary restrictions your cancer care package recipient may have, putting together a snack pack is always appreciated. Snack packs are always useful especially when the person who needs to eat may not have enough energy to prepare or cook up some food. A healthy snack pack gives your loved one a moment of relief and sustenance when they need it the most.


Games and activities:  It’s a good idea to add some stimulating activities into a cancer care package, especially for those days when there is little to do. Activities such as a coloring book, a journal, a new book, a deck of Uno cards, or even knitting patterns can help to keep the mind busy when the days get a bit dull.


Relaxing scents:  Often nausea and headaches can occur when going through treatments, it can be helpful to have something to combat the nausea that calms and smells great during those uncomfortable moments. CTG (certified therapeutic grade) essential oils are great for relieving stress, headaches, and nausea. For nausea, add oil such as peppermint, ginger or lemon to combat this feeling.  To relax we recommend lavender, eucalyptus, or orange essential oils.  Roll-ons can be great for easy application. Additionally, bath bombs, plant based wax candles, or a diffuser can also be excellent gifts for creating a pleasant smelling and comfortable environment for your loved one.  Be sure to find out if your loved one is sensitive to smells prior to gifting.

No matter what you give, your thoughtfulness will mean so much to your loved one who is fighting for their health.  We hope these ideas provide inspiration for the perfect gift.

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