by Alexandra Bily June 28, 2022 2 min read

Many cancer patients experience cold temperatures more intensely than healthy patients.  There are a few reasons for this biological response to treatments and cancer.  

Cancer prefers the cold.

Cancer spreads faster in the body when the patient is cold.  In an effort to grow, the cancer works to reduce the body temperature and thus reduces the body's immune response which then gives the cancer more opportunity to grow.  Recent studies with mice have shown an increase in cancer growth in colder temperatures.



Chemo medication makes patients shiver.


Another reason for enhanced cold feeling is from cancer medication.  During the chemotherapy   treatment process patients may notice an increase to cold sensitivity. This sensitivity to colder environments or drinks is called ‘cold dysesthesia’ and is a common side effect of some chemotherapy medications. 


The chemo medication can cause cold-sensitive sensory fibers to become affected and may create any exposure to cold situations drastically more uncomfortable.



What does cold sensitivity feel like?


When exposed to colder rooms, weather conditions, cold drinks, and even cold food, patients have reported sensations of:


 • Tingling, numbness, and tightness in the hands and feet

• Stiffness in the muscles

• Body chills

• Chest pressure


These side effects can impact the patients’ quality of life and overall well being while on chemotherapy. The good news is unlike other side effects affecting the nerves, which can be permanent, cold sensitivity usually goes away once you’re finished with chemotherapy.


How long does cold sensitivity last?


The length of your cold sensitivity depends on the length of your chemo treatment. The first couple of times you get the drug, you may have cold sensitivity for a day or two. But, the longer you’re on chemotherapy, the longer your symptoms may last. A few months into chemotherapy, your sensitivity to cold may last several days or even weeks.



How to comfort someone who has Cancer?


Give your Cancer patient or loved one an IV Hoody to help keep them warm.


IV Hoody understands the importance of feeling warm during chemotherapy treatments and the days following each session. With pockets sewn into the lining of the sleeves, air-activated heat packs can be easily inserted along the arm – providing 6+ hours of targeted warmth and allowing your arm to be fully covered during the entire treatment. 


Getting the chills during chemotherapy treatments can fatigue any patient who already might feel weak. IV Hoody adds some much needed warmth and comfort for those who need it the most. If you’re thinking about ways to comfort someone with cancer or are building a cancer care package for your loved one, we recommend giving them an IV Hoody.

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